This place is more than a safe place, this place is more than a healing place, this place is more than a learning place, this place is more than a place for service. The BARN is a palace of hope.

Bruce Campbell

Safe place for addicts. Doing great things in the community and truly one reason I'm sober. I've been able to connect with other addicts in recovery. Highly recommended.!!!

Shawn LeBlanc

Wonderful place

Viktor W.

The BARN is a great place to go for people in recovery! There are several different support groups and meetings for those struggling to become clean and sober as well as maintaining sobriety. There are people to talk to and help with different addictions. There is also information for other community support programs and resources.

Becky B.

great recovery & support

peacexlovexvibes 8

It helps.

Pete H.

I love it

Dominic L.