About Us

BARN provides recovery resources and support to those in Eastern & Central Maine guided by the following:

Our Mission: The purpose of the Bangor Area Recovery Network is to form an organization of and by the recovering community to support addiction recovery in the Bangor area. The mission of the Bangor Area Recovery Network is to provide a sustainable and reliable community recovery center that supports the needs of people affected by addiction.

The BARN views recovery as a process of change through which an individual achieves improved health, wellness and quality of life.

Recovery is a process of transformation in which we seek to overcome the harmful effects of a disease or debilitating condition and pursue a better life. While the primary purpose of the Bangor Area Recovery Network is to facilitate recovery from addictions, we support the recovery of affected others, those who love and support persons suffering from substance use disorder, those still active in addiction, and/or persons in recovery from addiction. Further, we recognize and seek to support recovery from a wide array of mental health disorders, trauma history, and various destructive behaviors to the best of our abilities, and to refer individuals to more appropriate resources when the scope of their recovery is beyond our abilities to affect positive change.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • While all recovery is supported by the BARN, the primary focus shall be to support and sustain recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Fiscal responsibility is essential.
  • While we recognize individual pathways to recovery, the principle of group conscience shall guide the organization.
  • The BARN insists on a safe, sober and clean environment that maintains and sustains the goal of recovery.
  • Recovery is available and possible for everyone. Love and tolerance are the forces guiding our efforts.

The Goals of the BARN

In order to meet its mission, the BARN has set out some specific goals specifically as outlined below:

  1. To operate a safe, healthy, and respectable environment that is available to the recovering community.
    • To establish an environment that recognizes various pathways to recovery.
    • To serve as central regional hub for recovery resources.
  2. To enable people in the community to attain and sustain recovery.
    • To educate members and the public on different paths to long-term sobriety.
    • To offer the space and means for education on recovery and life skills.
    • To offer members opportunities to expand their lives through volunteer activities and mentoring.
  3. To provide community activities that support a thriving recovery fellowship.
    • To offer space and opportunities for a wide range of self-help and educational meetings.
    • To sponsor a variety of social activities, holiday programs and events that support recovery.
    • To sponsor celebrations of recovery and affirm community recovery efforts.

Six Ways You Can Support The BARN:

  1. Participate in BARN's Activities and Events
  2. Become a Member
  3. Become a Volunteer
  4. Serve on One of BARN's Committees:
    • Operations-1st Monday of the Month
    • BARCC- 4th Monday of the Month
    • Development-2nd & 4th Thursdays of the Month
  5. Carry BARN's message for recovery in the community
  6. Support the BARN with your generous tax-deductible Contribution