Recovery Coaching

Everyone's recovery journey is unique and navigating the pathways, resources, and barriers to sustained recovery can be overwhelming sometimes....
BARN Recovery Coaches are here to help.
A Recovery Coach acts as a guide and mentor to support individuals in or seeking recovery. They can help to identify and overcome barriers, navigate resources, and achieve goals toward a life of wellness and purpose.
Recovery Coaches...

  • Recognize multiple pathways of recovery
  • Allow for self-direction in the process
  • Address substance use disorder holistically
  • Empower individuals in change
BARN Recovery Coaches all undergo 30 hours of intensive training and are available, free of charge, for individuals looking to support their recovery.

If you are interested in meeting with a recovery coach, or even becoming a recovery coach at the BARN please contact Kole Taylor our Recovery Coach Coordinator at: or call 207-561-9444